Joint disorders (coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis)

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Half of Bulgarians over the age of 50 have joint problems. In the case of osteoarthritis, the cartilage tissue is depleted, as a result of which the joint loses its smoothness and elasticity. Furthermore, osteoarthritis destroys cartilage cells, causing joint inflammation and pain. The joints that are the most stressed wear out the fastest. These are the ones that carried the weight of the body or performed the same monotonous work for a long time. The most vulnerable are knee joint – gonarthrosis, hip joint – coxarthrosis, shoulder joint – omarthrosis, spine joints – spondyloarthrosis. Other joints are also damaged, but much less frequently. People suffering osteoarthritis feel numb for at least 15 minutes in the morning after getting up. Any change in weather leads to pain in the affected joint.

Over time, the joint continues to break down until the bones begin to rub against each other. Thus deformation is formed that restricts movement.
Excessive physical activity is harmful to the joints, but immobilization and excessive body weight are just as harmful. If the load is normal, but only one side is overloaded (carrying heavy bags in one hand), it also has a negative effect. All this accelerates the natural process of cartilage wear. Diet is also essential. High-fat content foods provoke inflammation of the joints. Unfortunately, there are still no methods to eliminate arthrosis. However, with the help of new therapies, it can be optimally treated and its development can be stopped to a great extent. Laser therapy is one of the modern treatment methods. The new laser therapy avoids surgery in a large percentage of cases. It combines visible radiation and invisible infrared rays that reach a specific region of ​​deep tissue. The laser acts on the joint capsule and articular cartilage. In this way, the degenerative changes in the joint are stopped. It reduces inflammation and swelling, and hence pain. After the laser therapy course of treatment, patients can move much more freely and without pain. Lots of them stop using canes and crutches.