Синуит (синузит)

Sinusitis is a common disease affecting the nasal cavity area. It is an acute or chronic inflammation (with periods of remission and exacerbation
of symptoms). Sinusitis is considered chronic, in which the purulent inflammation lasts more than 3 months. According to the inflamed sinus anatomy, it can be differentiated into maxillary, frontal, ethmoid, and pansinusitis. The maxillary sinus is most commonly affected. A common cause of sinusitis is a seemingly harmless runny nose. Sometimes there is an infection (sinusitis) behind a harmless runny nose that does not go away for more than a week. Another reason is the curvature of the nasal septum, enlarged third tonsil, teeth problems, etc. The most common symptoms of sinusitis are headache, pain, and heaviness in the eyes and cheekbones area. Sinusitis may also provoke a cough. It is due to the flow of secretions from the nose down the throat and trachea.
The following complications are observed in sinusitis – orbital cellulitis, meningitis, permanent loss of smell, brain abscess, ear infection, encephalitis, etc. The diagnosis is made after assessing the symptoms, X-ray, computed tomography scan, ultrasound, etc.

The sinusitis treatment in most cases comes down to antibiotic treatment. Unfortunately, in most cases, it does not give the desired result. This part of the body, where the sinuses are located, is very poor blood saturated, which is why only a small part of the antibiotic reaches the target area. Very often antibiotics suppress the immune system, thus slowing down the recovery process.
Our medical center has developed special sinusitis treatment programs. These include laser therapy combined with a selected homeopathic treatment regimen. Laser therapy achieves the destruction of the bacterial flora directly in the sinus and creates a sterile environment in which bacteria and viruses cannot grow. The individually appointed treatment with homeopathy achieves a better immune system and rapid body recovery. Usually, one course of treatment includes about 10 procedures, but in most cases, relief is felt even after the first 2-3 procedures. A prophylaxis every 6 months for a period of 1-2 years, in most cases leads to a complete cure of the disease.